Kyle Shepherd | WHOOPI x Vans
Kyle Shepherd - Gameplay Programmer
programming, programmer, unity, unity 3d, c#, falmouth, gameplay, ai, ui, graduate
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In October 2018, I stumbled upon a tweet from WHOOPI (Ashten) asking for a Unity Developer for an upcoming project. I got in touch and started working the same day on his project; a rhythm based infinite runner featuring skateboarding.


For the project, Ashten wanted 3 game modes; flip tricks, grinds and manuals. Each one having the same gameplay loop but with different visuals and music. I was provided with the sprite sheets and art, and worked on getting everything implemented.
I used a Asset Store package called ‘Rhythm Tool’ which helped to save hours with track analysis and beat spawning/speed, this was incredibly useful and meant I could focus on other elements due to the game having a tight turnaround of a month.


I set up all the sprite sheet animations in Photoshop and brought them into Unity where they were then wired into an Animator Controller and set to transition depending on the beat that was hit.
For the environment, I created a base class that was able to alter the position of any sprite and detect when it was off the screen to the left and then move it back to off the screen on the right. This was a great performance saver as the game is running on Raspberry Pi-style computers in custom arcade cabinets made by Ashten.


I also created a high score tracking system so when the game is being exhibited, people can compete for the highest score and create a bit of competition and more excitement around the game.

The project was in collaboration with Vans and was shown at their House of Vans venue in London, UK from the 16th November to the 6th of December. Below are some images taken at the event by Saffron Cawley. Kotaku also wrote an article about the exhibition which you can read here, and take a look at the Behance project page!