Kyle Shepherd | Ryoko
Kyle Shepherd - Gameplay Programmer
programming, programmer, unity, unity 3d, c#, falmouth, gameplay, ai, ui, graduate
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‘Ryoko’ was the final game I worked on at university, a third-person shooter aimed at pairing the typical mechanics of the genre with elements from various other games such as telegraphed attacks, and dodging mechanics.


We aimed to create an experience as closely paired to AAA as possible, setting up pipelines from the start to help achieve this. We also used Unity 2018’s High Definition Render Pipeline in order to achieve high graphic fidelity on this project, again aiming to align ourselves with the AAA market.


The project was very interesting, as we were able to completely choose our teams for the year, so I was able to work with close friends who were extremely talented at their chosen routes.


I was one of two programmers on this project, and I focused on gameplay and UI programming. ‘Ryoko’ was an extremely useful learning process, as it taught us that having talented doesn’t mean you’ll make a great game, but there is a whole lot more that goes into the process to create something exceptional.


Below is a trailer for the game.