Kyle Shepherd | Get Puck’d
Kyle Shepherd - Gameplay Programmer
programming, programmer, unity, unity 3d, c#, falmouth, gameplay, ai, ui, graduate
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Get Puck’d

Get Puck'd Logo
Get Puck’d is a competitive couch multiplayer deathmatch set on an ice rink. The player must pick up different weapons and power ups, whilst avoiding hazards and attempting to be the last man standing.


The game was made as part of my major 2nd year project at university. We initially began creating a top down horror game, but after 2 months we were noticing minimal progress, so we decided to scrap what we had and start over.


Get Puck’d was one of many ideas we then prototyped, but immeditaly it felt like it had the most potential so we carried on developing it for the rest of the project.
The game is currently available to download from Itch.IO and GameJolt, where we have over 150 downloads total.

Get Puck'd Prototype