Kyle Shepherd | Dimension Shift
Kyle Shepherd - Gameplay Programmer
programming, programmer, unity, unity 3d, c#, falmouth, gameplay, ai, ui, graduate
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Dimension Shift

Dimension Shift was the third and final project that I worked on in my first year at Falmouth University. We were again split into teams (this time a team of 11) but we were given free reign on our game concept and a development time of around 5 months.


Our team, Kyco Studios, decided to create a first-person puzzle platformer where the player can alter reality to complete puzzles and escape from an alien testing facility.


In this project, I was one of two programmers so we split tasks and worked together to create the mechanics such as player control and AI. This was my first time working alongside another programmer and I think it really helped me develop my skills. Additionally, I was the scrum master for this development process which involved arranging daily stand up meetings and maintaining the scrum board.

Dimension Shift Trailer