Kyle Shepherd | Bird Flew
Kyle Shepherd - Gameplay Programmer
programming, programmer, unity, unity 3d, c#, falmouth, gameplay, ai, ui, graduate
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Bird Flew

Bird Flew was the the product of the first game jam I participated in. The theme for Global Game Jam 2018 was “transmission”, and the team I was in settled on a crisis management game.


It was the player’s goal to prevent the spreading of a deadly virus (bird flu) amongst the passengers (birds) on a space station. To do this, you could remove oxygen from rooms to make passengers panic and relocate, open and close doors to allow entry or block off a room and opening airlocks to flush rooms. Whilst doing this the player must put out fires and ensure the virus doesn’t spread.


Despite the 48 hour production limit, we opted for a rather feature heavy game but we were able to implement more or less everything we intended on – some in a slightly more functioning fashion than others. We faced some issues to do with turning in the source code with Unity Asset’s in our project, which sadly led to certain props and very adorable chicken hats not being in the final Game Jam version.


It was a great learning process for myself and my team, and it definitely gave me a new love for game jams.